Be back soon…


Amidst a work schedule that demands several blog posts a day and written content for two different websites, I’ve had to put my beloved the cat is ginger on hold. It’s an indefinite hold, and I plan on returning soon, but after churning out content on a daily basis it’s sometimes hard for me to fathom churning out more (not that this is churning, but words become scarce). I miss blogging in a personal capacity and can’t wait to return, but as you’ve undoubtedly noticed I’ve been awfully… quiet. For now.

If you’d like to check out my other work, visit Along with a friend I review exciting restaurants, bars and wineries in Cape Town. It’s a personal passion project that I am awfully proud of.

PS. I owe you a birthday post, that’ll come too, when I pluck up the courage to write it.


Roy Nachum

Roy Nachum-Wisdom

As an avid art lover, imagine not being able to see and experience the beauty of creativity, expression and skill? Imagine not experiencing the thrill of an artwork that moves you to tears? For those who do not have the gift of sight, an artist has painted with you in mind…   

Roy Nachum is a contemporary Israeli artist based in New York. Exploring the boundaries between visual and non-visual perception his paintings, sculptures and installations centre around the subject of vision, or lack thereof.  Continue Reading ›

Jane Sews | Winter Lookbook

Jane Sews AW143

I’m completely in love with the new Jane Sews AW14 Collection, a covetable South African designer who I’ve featured before. I love how comfortable and wearable the clothing is – high-quality vintage flair with a modern twist. The Jane Sews aesthetic is inspired by timeless femininity, a fascination with global trends, an eye for fine construction and a focus on a clean and simple aesthetic. I would gladly wear each one of these outfits, thank you very much. Continue Reading ›

Secession Restaurant | Japan


Drawing on the concept ‘dinner party that turns to art’, Japanese design studio, process5, has created Secession, a restaurant based on the Vienna Secession art movement. Located in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, its main focus is to present the notion that cooking is still an art. Anything based on art or an art movement is pretty darn great in my mind, and when it’s food that art inspires, well that’s just grand. Continue Reading ›

Inner City Ideas Cartel


It is a very personal longing of mine to one day freelance full-time, be my own boss and write articles/produce content for various publications. For those currently in this luxurious position and who need a space to work, Inner City Ideas Cartel in de Waterkant, Cape Town offers this – a personal, designer space fully equipped to inspire the inner city slicker. For those who are self-employed, a startup, freelancer or creative needing a spot to inspire and encourage productivity, IC | IC offers this workspace. Continue Reading ›