Rosanna Bach | Portraits

I’m so in love with these portraits by Rosanna Bach, mostly because they’re so intimate, moody and rich in expression. I’m no photographer, but I imagine it must be incredibly difficult to capture emotion in a fleeting second. Rosanna seems to do so in each image. Each shot is as unconventional and intriguing as the next.

Rosanna Bach_1 Rosanna Bach_2 Rosanna Bach_3 Rosanna Bach_4 Rosanna Bach_5 Rosanna Bach_6 Rosanna Bach_7 Rosanna Bach_8 Rosanna_Playing

(Images: Rosanna Bach)

Thom Fougere

Thom Fougere is a Canadian designer with a focus on exploring the relationship between objects, products, spaces and dwelling. His studio was founded as a result of furniture design, with a strong emphasis on product design and architecture.

He is largely influenced by his surroundings and the spot that he calls home, Winnipeg Manitoba in Canada. The simple design has a Scandi feel to it and a lasting and timeless feel. He is young and talented and I want his side tables all over my home.x


Thom_Fougere_Bench_Rack_2 Thom_Fougere_Bench_Rack_4 Thom_Fougere_collection Thom_Fougere_SquareSideTable_2 Thom_Fougere_SquareSideTable_4 Thom_Fougere_Steel_Wood_Table_2 Thom_Fougere_Steel_Wood_Table_5 Thom_Fougere_Steel_Wood_Table_6


(Images: This is Paper) 

Jane Sews | Winter Lookbook

I’m completely in love with the new Jane Sews AW14 Collection, a covetable South African designer who I’ve featured before. I love how comfortable and wearable the clothing is – high-quality vintage flair with a modern twist. The Jane Sews aesthetic is inspired by timeless femininity, a fascination with global trends, an eye for fine construction and a focus on a clean and simple aesthetic. I would gladly wear each one of these outfits, thank you very much.

Jane Sews AW143Jane Sews AW149 Jane Sews AW148 Jane Sews AW147Jane Sews AW1414 Jane Sews AW1413 Jane Sews AW1412 Jane Sews AW1411Jane Sews AW145 Jane Sews AW144Jane Sews AW146Jane Sews AW1410Jane Sews AW142 Jane Sews AW141(Images: Jane Sews)


Flashback: Frances Pellegrini

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Flashback, so this sunny Saturday in Cape Town calls for it. Today I’d like to feature Frances Pellegrini, a commercial photographer whose career in New York spanned from the late 1940s through to the 1980s. She worked for a decade with Harper’s Bazaar; a woman pioneering her roles as both photographer and independent business woman.

Her images reflect an elegantly understated style and modern sensibility, while her street works are moody and beautiful, depicting her intimacy with the city.

“Cats”Frances Pellegrini “Harpers Bazaar Dress Detail”Frances Pellegrini “Lipstick Reflections”Frances Pellegrini “Girl in the White Garter”Frances Pellegrini “Afternoon Cigarette”Frances Pellegrini “Finding Shade”Third Ave, Two WaitingFrances Pellegrini “Platform”Frances Pellegrini “L Train Passing” Frances Pellegrini “L Tracks”

Secession Restaurant | Japan

Drawing on the concept ‘dinner party that turns to art’, Japanese design studio, process5, has created Secession, a restaurant based on the Vienna Secession art movement. Located in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, its main focus is to present the notion that cooking is still an art. Anything based on art or an art movement is pretty darn great in my mind, and when it’s food that art inspires, well that’s just grand.

The establishment wants to offer guests an experience that draws similarities to the famous Austrian era; a lavish dining experience with dishes assembled as if mini creations and walls lined with famous works by renowned painters. It reminds me of a Hesten Blumenthal-type concept, where food and the enjoyment of food is not simply about taste, but about experience.

1 2 3 4 5 6(Images: Designboom)


Inner City Ideas Cartel

It is a very personal longing of mine to one day freelance full-time, be my own boss and write articles/produce content for various publications. For those currently in this luxurious position and who need a space to work, Inner City Ideas Cartel in de Waterkant, Cape Town offers this – a personal, designer space fully equipped to inspire the inner city slicker. For those who are self-employed, a startup, freelancer or creative needing a spot to inspire and encourage productivity, IC | IC offers this workspace.

The design itself will inspire a good work ethic – think large windows, natural light, custom-designed desks and personalised rosewood name blocks for members. Founded by Schuyler Vorster, the motive is to help members feel a sense of purpose and pride in their daily work, in a space intent on ‘making work better’. The chic, contemporary space offers a co-working suite with a 12-seater boardroom-type table, as well as meeting rooms, private desks and restaurant/coffee shop. Your work environment is so important, and this spot certainly makes coming into work a little slice of heaven (who would ever say that about ‘the office’?).

For more info and to become a member visit their website or find it at 71 Waterkant Street, Second Floor, Cape Town.



Jan Douglas

A Design Indaba emerging creative (2012), Jan Douglas develops handmade products – from furniture to lighting to bespoke  pieces and commissioned work – combining utility and narrative that draws on his Afrikaans heritage. He’s collaborated on commercial pieces (like the uniquely South African range he developed for Mr Price Home’s CO-LAB Collection), has had his table lamp, Kantelknaap, included in the Cape Town Craft and Design Institute (CCDI) Handmade Collection, as well as exciting projects with Devil’s Peak Brewing Company and the Africana Familia Collection.

With a background in architecture, his interest in design is largely fueled by tectonics and how materials join together – the defining and most notable factor in his work.

Africana Familia Collection

Boetman & Kantelmeester Jan Douglas_Die Melkman
Jan Douglas_Kantelknaap Jan Douglas_Opsitkers vertical Jan Douglas_Stiefma Jan Douglas_Swartskaap Jan Douglas_Versamelaar verticalJan Douglas_Dienskneg vertical

(Images: Jan Douglas)

Sarah Pratt

Born in Zimbabwe (but currently working from a studio in Observatory), Sarah Pratt is a highly skilled fine artist and printmaker, specialising in copper etching, linocut, collograph and monoprint. Much to our benefit, after spending 10 years in the print department of Michaelis, she decided to devote her time to making her own work.

Currently her interest lies in ink and gouache on paper, paper cut-out work, monoprints and dry points. She harnesses her travel experiences to inform the nature of her prolific and whimsical body of work, as was evident in her exhibition ‘Away‘ at Salon91 earlier this year (I fell in love with at least 10 pieces and there is a space on my wall reserved for her).

sarah-pratt_away_flying-fish-I_gouache-and-ink-on-paper Sarah-pratt_away_lovely-day_gouache-and-ink-on-paper Sarah-pratt_away_nest-II_ink-and-gouache Sarah-pratt_away_paper-puppet-and-geese_gouache-and-ink-on-paper Sarah-pratt_away_the-dyffryn-arms_gouache-and-ink-on-paper Sarah-pratt_away_treehouse-I_gouache-and-ink-on-paper Sarah-pratt_away_untitled_aardvark-and-jack-russel_gouache-and-ink-on-paper Sarah-pratt_away_we-watch-you-while-you-are-sleeping-II_gouache-and-ink-on-paperSarah-pratt_the-old-pear-tree_gouache-and-ink-on-papersarah-pratt_away_cycling-shadow-puppet-with-pet_gouache-and-ink-on-paper sarah-pratt_away_finger-puppet-on-striped-worms_gouache-and-ink-on-paper024


The art of Katherine-Mary Pichulik has seen many forms, from a degree in printmaking, to patisserie and now the esteemed and coveted jewellery brand, PICHULIK. This luxury line of bold, colourful jewellery is inspired by travel, books, people, as well as patterns, shapes, palettes and the intimate relationship women have with jewellery.

Cape Town-based, Katherine-Mary started PICHULIK in September 2012 after a trip around India, and has since been a finalist in Design Indaba: MBOISA (Most Beautiful Object in South Africa), collaborated with the likes of Lalesso and Alexis Barrell and featured in top local and international fashion magazines.

Here’s a selection from the Spring/Summer Collection 2014.

EritreaMarble Cluster YSingle Dynamic NdebeleCurved BraceletPrincess Moor BraceletDynamic CirqueInfinity EarringsCoral Earrings(Images: Pichulik)

Stable Design Emporium

This week I popped into Stable for the first time; an emporium of local designers that opened its doors last year on Loop Street. The retail space showcases a collection of South African designers, a ‘stable’ of home-grown talent across varying industries and from all over the country. Founded by Aiden Bennetts, he hoped to make design more accessible to the public and that he has.

The idea met a need where designers wished for a more permanent exhibit space. Initially, only 15 designers committed but today you can browse more than 60 (see list of designers here). With a comprehensive assortment of pieces, from furniture to accessories to jewelry and lighting, you’re bound to find that item for your home that you just can’t live without.

Visit the flagship store at 65 Loop Street, Cape Town.

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